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America is facing difficult economic realities, and few states have been hit as hard as Florida. As property values shrink and foreclosure threatens millions of Florida residents, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies are increasingly recognized as a means of relief for many.

  • Are creditors harassing you?
  • Does foreclosure threaten your home?
  • Are you unable to make monthly payments on all of your debt?

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Whatever your situation, our lawyers are committed to helping you receive qualified bankruptcy protection from bill collectors, mortgage companies, the IRS and other creditors. These are protections provided by the bankruptcy court, designed to give you the time and help you need to get your finances under control, with the help of your attorney.

Individuals facing high levels of debt most often use one of two bankruptcy options:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In order to be able to file for Chapter 7, you must pass a “means test”, in which your household income must be less than the state median. For most people, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is completed in less than six months.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This option involves proposing a debt repayment plan to the courts. The repayment plan takes place over a three to five year period. Secured debts, such as debts on a home, are made current, while unsecured debts, such as credit card debts, are paid back at less than full value. Chapter 13 can be a useful tool for homeowners who wish to avoid foreclosure.

For businesses and corporations,

  • A Chapter 11 bankruptcy provides businesses the chance to restructure financial obligations and the way that they do business, while keeping possession and control of assets.

Good Bankruptcy Attorneys Help You Make Wise Decisions

Each person’s debt situation is unique. For many situations, there are choices that may be better than, or just as effective as, bankruptcy.

The attorneys of TK Law have helped numerous individuals, families and businesses save their homes, avoid repossession of cars and other property, and reduce crippling debt through bankruptcy and through other debt management methods outside of bankruptcy, including:

Speak with an experienced Florida attorney at our firm today.
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If you are struggling to keep your home, we can inform you about potential alternatives to foreclosure.

To arrange a consultation to discuss your default, mortgage and debt options, contact our firm. We can work with you to determine which option will work best for you, and develop a personal bankruptcy plan, or find an alternative solution that fits your needs.

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