Loan Modifications and Mortgage Modification

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Much of the information in the news regarding mortgages and foreclosures is inaccurate, but in one respect the reports got it right—banks are unresponsive to borrowers, and the chances of picking up the phone, calling your lender and arranging a loan modification or workout are low.

What works? The involvement of an experienced loan and mortgage modification lawyer. At TK Law, we have effectively arranged loan and mortgage modifications for many borrowers facing financial challenges. Foreclosure is not always the only option.

Your lender may be willing to work with an attorney to modify your home loan.

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Loan and Mortgage Modification

In addition to getting a more prompt and proactive response from lenders, an attorney can investigate your situation and, often, negotiate with your lender from a position of strength for new terms.

For example:

  • Are you behind on your payments? We have negotiated many new payment plans which have lowered payments and rates. We have helped get borrowers current without them having to make unaffordable back payments.
  • Is a second mortgage crippling your cash flow? Many second mortgages are no longer secured by real property due to falling property values. We can work to negotiate a payoff settlement, often at only 10 or 20 percent of the loan’s value.

Firm lawyer and founder Steven Kramer has worked both as a foreclosure defense attorney and been hired by private lenders to prosecute foreclosures. Having handled these cases from both sides, we can effectively represent you in talks with your bank or other lender.

Modified loans can reduce your payments, keep you in your home and help you through these challenging times. We can help you modify your loan or mortgage.

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