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If you have experienced the death of a family member, a Florida probate attorney with the TK Law Firm can help you handle the legal responsibilities that come with administering the person’s estate.

Our Orlando law firm assists in the administration of estates of all types and complexities throughout Central Florida. Our probate attorneys understand the emotional impact a death in the family has on family and friends. When you are mourning the loss of a loved one, the last thing you want to do is address the Florida probate process.

The TK Law Firm can take that burden off of your shoulders and ensure that the estate is administered as required under Florida probate law and closed as efficiently as possible. Contact TK Law so that we can help you through this demanding process.

Our Probate Law Practice Includes:

Orlando Trust and Probate LawProbate Administration – Our attorneys handle all matters of formal probate proceedings with meticulous care. We valuate the assets that are subject to probate, and advise what assets and property are and are not exempt from creditor claims. We advise what documents are required for your probate case, and assist with the entire probate estate administration.

Probate Summary Administration – A simplified alternative to a formal probate administration proceedings, summary administration is often feasible with smaller estates, valued under $75K, where the decedent had no unresolved debt. TK Law will help you manage this process quickly and efficiently.

Probate Litigation – Complex disputes can develop among the parties involved in probate proceedings. TK Law attorneys are accomplished litigators with extensive experience in civil litigation, including probate, commercial, real estate and personal injury litigation. We can help you and your family resolve probate disputes effectively and ethically.

Trust Administration – When a family member passes who had a Living Trust, the family will go through a process called Trust Administration. Unlike probate, this is not a court supervised process. The Kramer law Firm has dedicated attorneys focused on trust and estate administration matters.

Trust Litigation – Trust litigation often involves various legal areas such as probate law, business law, estate planning, bankruptcy, tax law, creditor laws, and seemingly unrelated practice areas including intellectual property and personal injury. Our firm has the in-house legal resources to address all legal concerns.

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Understanding Probate Law

If your loved one has a will, the estate will go through a legal process called probate. If your loved one has a Trust, the estate will go through a process called trust administration.

In Florida probate, the assets of a deceased person’s estate are distributed to the heirs or beneficiaries and final debts are settled. The probate estate consists of all property held in the decedent’s name.

Probate is managed through the circuit court in the county of the deceased person’s residence at the time of death. The court oversees the payment of any outstanding fees, debts and taxes, the execution of the will and the proper distribution of the decedent’s assets.

Do You Need A Florida Probate Attorney?

Probate Law in FloridaWith few exceptions, attorney representation is required in probate proceedings.

Probate law is dense and difficult to work through. It is essential that the personal representative handling the estate works closely with a lawyer knowledgeable in this area of law.

With a trusted and lifelong advisor from TK Law as legal counsel, you can be confident that all duties required under Florida’s probate law will be handled properly and deadlines will be precisely met.

The TK Law Firm represents personal representatives in all duties required in probate. This includes:

  • Identify, inventory and evaluate all property which must pass through probate. A Florida probate attorney will advise you on what property would or would not be part of the probate estate;
  • Prepare notices to creditors and heirs;
  • Sale of estate assets;
  • Ensure all estate debts are paid;
  • Resolve claims against the estate;
  • Handle all tax compliance matters;
  • Distribute assets to beneficiaries;
  • Prepare final accountings;
  • We assist clients whose estate lacks a valid will.

Why Help from a Knowledgeable Florida Probate Attorney Is So Important

The TK Law Firm represents all manner of estates, including estates (and trusts) that hold business assets, insurance assets, multiple-owner assets and agricultural/farm assets. We are experienced in all aspects of probate law and estate administration, including:

  • Formal probate administration: the principal method used to probate estates in Florida;
  • Florida Summary Probate Administration: a shortened form of probate for smaller estates under Florida’s probate law;
  • Ancillary Probate Administration: The TK Law Firm assists with the transfer of titles to Florida real estate holdings owned by non-Florida residents.
  • Non-probate transfers which avoid probate: such as life insurance death benefits and bank accounts with beneficiary designations;
  • Florida probate litigation: we provide skilled legal representation in all manner of challenged estates and disputed wills.

Steady, Reliable Guidance in Florida Probate Law

Many of our clients wish to avoid the probate process, thereby protecting their assets against the claims of creditors and being tied up in court. Avoiding probate requires careful advance planning with a Florida probate attorney, and is part of the comprehensive probate and estate planning service offered at the TK Law Firm.

The probate decisions that you make today can have profound ramifications for your family. Our attorneys work closely with our clients to help them have a solid legal plan in place that will best serve their overall estate planning goals.

Our clients benefit not only from working with an experienced Florida probate attorney, but with a resourceful legal team with diverse experience in many related areas of law. Our legal expertise includes tax law, estate planning, guardianship, trust administration and litigation, intellectual property law, business law, family law and personal injury law.

Whether you are planning for your own estate or managing the estate of a loved one who recently passed, you face many challenging issues and important questions. Our Florida probate law attorneys will help you through the process to find the right solutions for you and your family. 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376).