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Orlando Intellectual Property Law Attorneys

The Orlando intellectual property law attorneys at the TK Law Firm serve the legal needs of business owners, corporations, entrepreneurs, artists and inventors, giving clients clarity and guidance about their business ventures.

Whether you are designing a logo; crafting contracts for a new Florida-based web business; rebranding an independent record label; or working with your own clients to protect their IP, the TK Law Firm can help.

Our clients engage us to protect their brands and ideas and to represent them in commercial disputes pertaining to all nature of technology, e-commerce and traditional commercial products and services, and entertainment and music property.

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Intellectual Property Law Firm Offers Dynamic Assistance

Trademark LicenseThe TK Law Firm is dedicated to building long-standing, productive client relationships. We are here to assist you with all of your IP needs, including:

  • Drafting specialized intellectual property contracts;
  • IP contract enforcement;
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Contract negotiations;
  • Developing and protecting trade secrets;
  • IP copyrights and other marks;
  • IP patent law;
  • Filing or defending against intellectual property litigation;
  • Developing a long-term strategy to shield your brand and your work;
  • Assisting with related legal issues involving business law, tax law, and entertainment and sports law.

Dynamic Nature of Intellectual Property Law in Florida

Covering everything from patents, trademarks, contracts, trade secrets and copyrights to software and websites, IP protection is a swiftly developing and complex area of law. You want to work with intellectual property attorneys who know the industry as well as the law.

Intellectual property law is changing rapidly. On the one hand, entrepreneurs, artists and business people can instantly tap into worldwide markets and explore diverse platforms, thanks to the internet. On the other hand, the relevant intellectual property challenges are dizzyingly complex and very new. This “Wild West” mentality can lead to many questions, like:

  • What if a web developer located in Indonesia steals the logo for your new business and builds a website around it?
  • If you work with outsourcers, what contracts should you use? How can you enforce the terms or resolve intellectual property disputes?
  • What if someone disparages your intellectual property unfairly and does huge damage to your brand? Do you have recourse? If so, what can you do and how should you do it?
  • Even “offline” businesses that mainly generate leads through referrals and walk-ins can face surprisingly diverse intellectual property infringement.

Intellectual Property Law – Full Spectrum Service

Intellectual Property RightsYour IP questions do not exist in a vacuum. Our in-house, diversely trained intellectual property attorneys can help you whether you are expanding your business or striving to monetize your art or engineering breakthrough.

You do not need to retain multiple lawyers, adding the burden of tracking which attorneys are handling what aspects of your business. The TK Law Firm offers a fusion of business law, commercial litigation, intellectual property law, entertainment and sports law, and civil litigation expertise to assist clients in meeting their business goals.

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Although it may be intangible, intellectual property is property in the truest sense. There are legal rights, duties and consequences at the core of our clients’ worth. Our attorneys can skillfully represent you in all matters concerning the acquisition, protection, and commercializing of creative works and technology.

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