Mortgage and Home Loan Workouts

Attorney Help with Real Estate, Home Loan and Mortgage Foreclosure

Fighting home foreclosure often seems like a daunting prospect.

  • Perhaps you feel dispirited by financial challenges as your home loan payment history deteriorates.
  • Perhaps you’ve tried to negotiate with your lender, to no effect.
  • And when you open the newspaper and see yet more articles on foreclosure statistics, joining the ranks of foreclosed-upon homeowners may feel inevitable, and even like a relief.

The fact is, though, that, even while many people experience foreclosure every day, many effectively fight it.

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From our offices in Altamonte Springs, TK Law has negotiated mortgage and home loan workouts for a number of individuals and families.

Mortgage and Home Loan Workouts

It is an opportune time to consider working with an attorney to negotiate a mortgage workout—even as you face financial challenges, your lender is likely facing huge losses over missed payments and foreclosures.

We can step in and work to arrange:

  1. A new repayment plan. Repayment plans most often involve an agreement between the borrower and lender to allow the homeowner to 1) bring the mortgage current by establishing a schedule to make a full monthly payment, and 2) repay the delinquent sum over an agreed-upon schedule.
  2. A forbearance, which allows homeowners suffering temporary hardships to make reduced payments, or pay nothing for a predetermined time.
  3. A loan modification, which can permanently alter home loan terms to make payments more manageable

The mortgage defense attorneys of TK Law can also work to arrange a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure, or fight foreclosure actions through a Truth in Lending Act (TILA) audit.

These audits can determine whether lenders properly disclosed and calculated fees. If the Lender violated the law, the mortgage may be rescinded, freeing you of your home loan liability.

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