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We’re an award winning law firm with over 100+ years of experience. We’re not overly litigious. We’re not here to make the case more complicated in order to pad our bank account. We’re selective with choosing our clients. We want to make sure you’re the right fit for us so we can help you achieve your goals and meet your expectations.

At TK Law we have male and female attorneys & professionals who are ready to assist you. We understand that choosing a divorce lawyer is an emotional process and we want to meet the preferences and specific needs of each and every client. Our award-winning attorneys have received the following commendations:

  • Orlando Magazine ‘s Best Lawyers, 2012 – 2020
  • US News & World Report Best Lawyers,  2016 – 2020
  • Best Lawyers in America (Woodward/White), 2012 – 2020
  • Orlando Style Magazine’s Top Lawyers
  • Florida’s Best Lawyers (Featured in the Wall Street Journal & Orlando Sentinel)
  • Florida Trend Magazine’s Legal Elite
  • Past-President of the Seminole County Bar Association. 
  • Rated 10 out of 10 Superb by
  • Listed as a client rated Preeminent Attorney by Martindale-Hubbell

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How much will a divorce cost?

For cases that don’t involve alimony, serious custody issues, or high assets, our average initial fee for a middle class case generally start at $2500 depending on the case. If your case is more complicated, or less complicated, that may change the initial fee.

We also represent clients with high asset/high net worth (assets ranging from $1m – $100m) and more complicated cases. The fees in those cases, are specific to the case, and we use a custom tailored approach to meet the demanding expectations of those cases.

We offer the best representation at a moderate price.  If you’re looking for the cheapest attorney, look elsewhere- too many attorneys are willing to charge a cut rate price and do a cut rate job.  We only charge the fees that are necessary to handle a case properly.  Too often “low fees” wind up costing more in the long run, through inferior representation or through bait and switch tactics.  We are only interested in handling cases where we can get clients the outcome that they deserve; how much is setting up the rest of your life worth? We offer flexible payment plans. We are upfront with expected case costs- we never bait and switch.

If you’re interested in meeting with us, to determine if we’re the right fit for each other, call us at: 407-834-4847.

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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a strict process that is geared for families earning more than $150,000 in year or excess of assets above $750,000. If you're interested in embracing the spirit of a collaborative divorce then cooperative divorce may be right for you. ​

Cooperative Divorce

If you're interested in embracing the spirit of a collaborative divorce then cooperative divorce may be right for you. The goal of cooperative divorce is to reach resolution through mediation. Call us today to learn more about your options and to see if a cooperative divorce suits your needs.


As divorce attorneys, we understand that the obligation to pay or receive alimony is a serious financial issue that can complicate a divorce case. Divorce is already difficult enough without worrying about financial security.

Parenting / Child Custody

When parents divorce, Florida law requires a time-sharing parenting plan be completed and approved by the court. Otherwise known as a custody and visitation order, parenting plans address how parents will continue to raise and care for their children after divorce.

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