How to Defend a Foreclosure Lawsuit

You Do Have Options When Your Lender Attempts a Foreclosure

Since the height of the real estate bubble, most mortgages have been sold, transferred and “bundled” beyond recognition.

By the time lenders sue to foreclose it’s often almost impossible to quickly get a handle on the parties involved, and to understand your rights and the entirety of the foreclosure process.

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When foreclosure looms, banks and lenders do not hold all the cards. You may have alternatives. We have helped dozens of individuals and families fight and beat foreclosure actions.

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How to Defend a Foreclosure Lawsuit

There are numerous ways to contest foreclosure actions and defend a foreclosure lawsuit. For instance:

  • Does your lender have your original mortgage note? Without it, the foreclosure process stalls abruptly, buying you time and leverage.
  • Did your lender induce you into foreclosure through fraud? Often, lenders say they can “work with you” only after borrowers fall behind in payments. Once borrowers fall behind on purpose and at the lender’s request, foreclosure proceedings can unexpectedly begin in earnest.
  • Did your lender breach your contract? We have worked with homeowners who have been billed for the wrong amount, have received inaccurate mortgage statements and have received numerous, conflicting and confusing bills each month.

When a nameless “asset security trust” tells you you’re losing your home, don’t accept that it’s the final word on the matter. It’s possible it cannot even prove it has the right to sue you and to foreclose. For more information on how to defend a foreclosure lawsuit, visit our foreclosure defense videos.

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