Business Commercial Litigation

If your business is facing some kind of business or commercial lawsuit, come to TK Law in Orlando and Altamonte Springs, Florida. Our experienced team of business law attorneys and legal professionals can skillfully serve you, working to resolve your business disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner.

In some circumstances, businesses take legal actions and commercial litigation may be one of the unavoidable costs of doing business. Even the most effective business planning cannot protect a company against false accusations or unreasonable service providers.

As a business owner, circumstances beyond your control may leave you unable to fulfill your contractual obligations and expose you to litigation.

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Providing Comprehensive Representation for
All Business Law Matters

In large part, our strength as business and commercial litigation attorneys comes from our comprehensive representation of business law clients.

Because we handle business transactions and contract preparation, we understand the weaknesses and challenges inherent in contracts. Because we help clients with new business formation, we fully understand business structures and the personal risks you may be facing, based upon the structure of your business.

Business Commercial Litigation

Effectively Resolving All Business Commercial Litigation Matters

In many cases, business litigation involves allegations of breach of contract or a dispute over a business agreement. We handle all types of commercial litigation matters, including those involving:

  • Partnership agreements and shareholder agreements
  • Real estate disputes over purchase agreements and other commercial property disputes
  • Commercial lease disputes and landlord-tenant disputes
  • Employment contract disputes over non-compete agreements and confidentiality agreements
  • Breach of intellectual property rights, such as patent or trademark infringement
  • Trade secret violations
  • Other breach of contract issues

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Debt Collection

Our law firm frequently represents businesses in litigation regarding commercial leases. We are adept at prosecuting a business that broke the terms of a lease, as well as defending your company against allegations of a breach.

Additionally, we have significant experience in litigation regarding non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements and other types of employment contracts. We are able to represent both employers and employees in disputes surrounding employment agreements.

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