Orlando Personal Injury Attorney

Your Choice of a Personal Injury Attorney in Orlando Matters

Were you recently injured in an accident? Do not trust the insurance company to treat you fairly. The best way to learn about your rights and options is to speak with an Orlando personal injury attorney at TK Law.

From car and truck accidents to slip and fall injuries, our team of experienced trial attorneys handles a full spectrum of personal injury cases involving serious injuries and wrongful death.

Injuries caused by someone’s negligent actions can impact every facet of your life. Our attorneys understand. Whether your child was harmed by an unsafe toy or you suffered toxic exposure at a construction site, we can help you.

Automobile accidents are among the leading causes of serious injuries and fatalities in Florida. In the blink of an eye, a driver’s negligence can destroy a victim’s lifestyle and livelihood.

To prevail, you need personal, knowledgeable representation from an Orlando car accident lawyer who is 100 percent committed to your case. At TK Law, we are not looking for the quick win. Our firm works diligently to obtain maximum recovery for you and your family and hold wrongdoers responsible.

What Sets Our Law Firm Apart?

Personal injury attorneys are everywhere in Orlando. So are their advertisements. But the catchiest slogan will never compel a billion dollar insurance company to pay you when you are injured.

People choose our law firm for the one thing that really matters: Results. We have achieved exceptional outcomes on behalf of our clients. We do this through dedication, preparation, and resourcefulness.

When we take a case, we do not yield until our clients obtain the money they need to rebuild their lives. While we firmly settle most cases out of court, we prepare every case as though we are going to trial. By developing your case fully from the start, we have the strongest negotiating leverage to obtain the best settlements for our clients.

At TK Law, you will never be pressured into accepting a settlement offer that is not equal to the injuries you suffered. If trial becomes necessary, trust that your Orlando personal injury attorney is well prepared to argue your case in court.

Many accident lawyers have not been to trial in years. Some have no intention of going to trial. Trust that insurance companies know this. They have the top personal injury lawyers in Florida working for them. You should, too.

Were You Injured in an Orlando Motorcycle Accident?

When it comes to motorcycle accident injuries, bikers face a twofold disadvantage.

• Because motorcyclists are physically exposed and unprotected, their injuries tend to be more severe and potentially life threatening;
• Insurance companies, law enforcement and even the court may hold a bias that motorcyclists are inherently reckless, and therefore have a duty to take extra caution to prevent accidents. Consequently, many insurers simply take the stance that motorcyclists are to blame.

It is critical that you retain motorcycle accident attorneys in Orlando who can effectively protect and enforce your legal rights. It takes a lawyer with sufficient experience and resources to effectively oppose any false allegations, prove your case and recover the damages and compensation you deserve.

How a Good Personal Injury Lawyer Can Recover Your Finances

If an accident has caused harm or financial consequences, you may have grounds for an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit.

Personal injury covers many areas of the law and applies to various types of harm. Automobile accidents, workplace accidents, unsafe products or electrical accidents are all examples of situations that can lead to serious injuries or wrongful death cases.

Many factors can affect your financial recovery. These include:

comparative negligence
• extent of medical injuries and expenses
• lost income
• pain and suffering
• vehicle repair

You need an experienced Orlando personal injury attorney to investigate your claim, collect vital evidence and determine the enduring value of your case.

The TK Law team will be your unwavering, capable advocate. Whether in negotiations or in a courtroom, we are driven to win on your behalf, as we have done successfully for many clients over many years.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Orlando You Can Trust

The burden of proof will fall on you to prove that your accident, or the wrongful death of a loved one, was caused by the negligence, carelessness, or recklessness of another person or business.

Do not be a victim. An experienced Orlando personal injury attorney at our firm is prepared to listen to your story and evaluate your case at no cost.

If we accept your case, it will be handled on a contingency basis, which means you pay nothing unless and until we win for you. We bear the costs and assume all of the risks when we take on your personal injury case.

Whether you were hurt by a defective ride in a public water park or injured in a motorcycle accident, the attorneys at TK Law in Orlando are prepared to help. Call 855-Kramer-Now.